Exciting Life Update! When the Heart Waits, Grace & Surrender in the New Year

What is it you are meant to Mother?

Episode Summary:

In this solo mini episode, Ali makes a big announcement!

She shares about her journey in relation to the surprise announcement and why she has become an expert in "waiting".  

She'll read from her journal, some juicy quotes from her favorite authors, poets, and visionaries that guided her along the way.  Sharing insights gained through waiting and the beauty witnessed within the duality of difficult life seasons.  

Themes We're Hitting on Today's Episode:

  • Ali's Big News!!!
  • Thought provoking questions and journal prompts
  • Breaking down takeaways from her favorite pages from author Sue Monk Kidd
  • How to become an expert in "Waiting"
  • What is it you are meant to Mother?
  • Alternative questions going into the New Year
  • Fertility/Infertility, what does this even mean?

CW // pregnancy loss, infertility

Guest Speaker

Ali Bobb

Co-host of your favorite podcast! Link to bio here!

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