Allison is called many nicknames by those closest to her including Ali, Alibobba, Al, El Tigre and her new favorite: Volcano Woman.  

She is the oldest, the baby, the only and a step-mom. She knows a thing or two about betweenness. She is a gifted observer of the world around her and loves to highlight the blurred lines between opposing concepts.  

Ali spent most of her career in Horticulture, and Landscape Design/Build Construction as a Project Manager throughout Chicago's North Shore.  Her love of the outdoors and plants is a constant in her life. She considers herself a career woman and a recovering perfectionist in transition.  A fertility journey slowed her to a halt and planted her in fertile soil.  The journey toward Motherhood has been a quest for Grace.  Her inner work during this time has allowed her to witness divinity within humanity and the magic of all God's creations.  

Her creative projects, Cultivating Imperfection, and Podcasting have been her favorite way to anchor these life lessons.  She is here to shed light on the cooling waters of Grace and invites you to also be easier on YOU.

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Tina’s day job is the Global Media and Executive Visibility Lead for Accenture Song, a $14 billion business within Accenture. Outside of work she is a fierce food allergy momma to two tiny humans and runs a 'food allergy' focused blog with her husband.  The blog features delicious allergy safe recipes and product recommendations.  Her goal is to help families with food allergies be the heroes of their own kitchens. Her neighborhood friends refer to her as the "witch concierge"... tune in to find out more!

She enjoys fitness, healthy eating, travel, photography and creating memories with her family. She is soulful, sweet, fierce and she brings BIG energy to any room. She is often asked "Tina, how do you have the time to do it all?!".  Her typical answer is... "because everything I do is driven by purpose!"  

Tina's favorite way to ground her BIG Energy is through practice of daily mindfulness, meditation, tarot card reading and the occasional visit with a healing practitioner.  She is here to rise and she invites all women to join.

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