The Great Big Journey to Wholeness with Author Steph Jagger

Who are you projecting your gold onto? What is it that you are calling home?

Episode Summary:

Have you ever met someone who within 10 minutes can open up your soul in ways you never thought possible? Or guide you to your own aliveness through a series of deep and intuitive conversations? And have you ever worked with someone whose words are so powerful, graceful and poetic that it leaves you feeling so fulfilled?

Yup, that's Steph Jagger.

Welcome to part one of a two-part convo with Ali + Tina's mentor and coach. Steph Jagger is a coach, author and a harbinger who sits at the intersection of divinity and humanity. She's grown to become one of our favorite humans and we can't wait to share her with you.

Steph's very own great big journey has been the source of inspiration for her two memoirs, "Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery" and her most recent book, "Everything Left to Remember" in which she writes about her mother's Alzheimer's diagnosis and their road trip through the Rocky Mountain National Parks.

Steph's entire life has been one epic journey and she's exceptional at guiding others embark on their own Great Big Journeys to Wholeness.  

*Part two of this two-part conversation will air 8/18/22 at 5AM CT!

Themes We're Hitting on Today's Episode:

  • "Everything Left to Remember: My Mother, Our Memories, and a Journey Through the Rocky Mountains," Steph's most recent memoir.  
  • How Tina & Ali both worked with Steph individually and within her signature program 'The Great Big Journey'
  • Love Languages in families
  • Projection.  How we often view projection as a shadow, but often times we project our Gold.  
  • How Tina + Ali both had Reese Witherspoon on their 'List' of those whom they admire and why.  A coaching tool used within 'The Great Big Journey'.


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Guest Speaker

Steph Jagger

Steph is a coach, mentor, adventurer, modern mystic, and memoirist. She has two publications including:

Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery

Everything Left to Remember: My Mother, Our Memories, and a Journey Through the Rocky Mountains

Steph is a forest dweller spending most of her time amongst the trees and animal life of Bainbridge Island, WA with her dogs and husband. When she isn't busy memoir writing, Steph works through her private coaching practice that includes many online offerings including her signature program The Great Big Journey.

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