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Welcome to the Soulful Streaming Podcast with Ali and Tina

Episode Summary:

Soulful Streaming is your go-to podcast for inspiration, insights and deep dives into topics that send tidal waves of truth into your soul.  The stars aligned when hosts Tina and Ali both bought houses in the same neighborhood. Both being the kind of women that enjoy a stroll through the neighborhood and deep conversations, it was only fate that the two would soon realize they were destined to be soulful sisters.  What started out as exchanging podcasts, sharing the occasional slipstream, and new found wisdom turned into the idea to hit record on these soulful conversations.  Whether you are in a season of change or looking to deepen your mind, body, soul connection we have an episode for you.  The show is broken up into seasons to allow time for rest and integration.  Because when we fill our own cup, we have the capacity to share with others.  On the show Ali and Tina interview guests with a wide range of expertise.  Each season there will be guests speaking on mindset, health and wellness, as well as spirituality and energetic well-being.

Guest Speaker

Allison Bobb & Tina Janczura DaSilva

Recent Episodes

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