Girlfriends Guide to Healing with Candice Sherry Collins

Pain is easier carried together says our guest Candice Sherry Collins.

Episode Summary:

Today we would like to discuss the power that lies in women’s circles, in community healing and group therapy. Chicago area-based Counselor Candice Sherry Collins from Credence Counseling Services says that ‘pain shared is easier carried,” and with that wink of wisdom we dive into collaborative healing, building soulful friendships and the nurturing our own identities.


  • In this episode, Ali gets vulnerable about her own journey - her divorce, her mom’s breast cancer diagnosis (and PS, Ali’s mom is HEALTHY now!), single life, job changes, meeting her husband and becoming a stepmom - and how group healing helped her come into her own.
  • Tina discusses her ‘breast friends’ (you have to tune in to know what the heck that even means!), losing her identity when she first became a mom, finding friends at work and as an adult.
  • We close out the episode discussing self-care. Candice even broke down our least favorite emotion - GUILT!

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Guest Speaker

Candice Sherry Collins LCPC, CSAT

Candice works as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor through her private practice, Credence Counseling Services. She works with clients confronting issues surrounding addiction and other compulsive behaviors. The partners and family members of those confronting addiction often have a unique trauma experience and she is passionate about helping all those impacted. Her work with this population has taught me that many flawed solutions present as a result of trauma. She works diligently to assist clients in discovering and understanding their historical experiences and how those experiences contribute to the unmanageability or pain in their current lives.

Candice is a Certified Sex Addictions Therapist, and is trained in EMDR and experiential therapy. She works from the perspective that mind and body integration are critical to healing and recovery. Her primary goal is in helping clients find a path toward truth and acceptance that will result in greater self compassion, understanding and love.

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