Discovering Your Authentic Self Using Human Design

Living your life by Design

Episode Summary:

Welcome to 2023! We're kicking off with a juicy episode focused on self-discovery.

What if you could take a 'personality test' that helps you deeply understand your habits, quirks, leadership style, decision-making approach and the gifts you are meant to share with the world? What if there was a way to deeply understand your authentic self, uncover your passion, purpose and ultimately your why?'

Well, then this episode with Chicago-based Human Design expert Karen Galway is right up your alley.

The Human Design System - which essentially helps you uncover your energetic blueprint - was created by Ra Uru Hu in 1987, and synthesizes both ancient and modern sciences, from Astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah, the Chakra System and Quantum Physics.

During this episode with Karen we'll give you a Human Design 101, and explore why it's growing in popularity as a tool for self-discovering and spiritual growth.

This fun convo hits on:

  • The five different types of 'auras' in Human Design which include Generator, Manifesting-Generator, Manifestor, Projector or Reflector
  • What each auras role is in this world
  • How Tina's Human Design reading helped break through her habit of procrastinating + how she now incorporates it into her work
  • How Ali and Tina's aura - generators - are wired with a 'just do it' mentality and how it helps (and can equally stifle) productivity and creativity.
  • Why Human Design can benefit young adults (and their parents!)

Guest Speaker

Karen Galway

Karen grew up in Newfoundland, an island on the East Coast of Canada. She has always had a desire to help others which eventually brought her to the United States for her Masters in Speech Language Therapy.  Her journey to the esoteric/energetic world of healing started with her being introduced to an energetic practitioner at one of her professional seminar courses.  It was this exposure that sparked a self-discovery journey involving various energetic and esoteric healing modalities. Karen has worked with various healers but ultimately it was a Human Design reading that she received that left her wanting to learn more about herself.  She then decided to deepen her understanding of this tool and became a Certified Human Design Reader through The Human Design Academy.  Karen now combines this esoteric self-discovery tool with her understanding of energetics and the subconscious mind to help her clients rewrite their beliefs so that they can start living a life by their design.

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