Creative Living: How Music, Nature and Even Latte Art Can Inspire you with Aubrey Mable

How do you know when you are in Creative Flow?

Episode Summary:

When you stop focusing on perfection creativity shows up, is something Aubrey Mable of LVDY —the part pop, part warm folk and all soul band —will tell you (her band partner Kathleen Hooper will agree). We’re excited to chat with Aubrey not only because she is our resident Soulful Streaming musician (she created the lovely music you hear on the podcast), but also because she has such a unique take on creativity and its many forms.

Themes We're Hitting on Today's Episode:

  • LVDY’s origin story (pronounced LADY)
  • How to take care of your inner artist
  • How to find the medium that fills your soul (spoiler alert: yes, Aubrey classifies latte art as a medium),
  • Why Aubrey says that “writing music lets you show up as you are.”
  • We’ll even talk about song burnout - a question Tina’s been itching to ask a musician on the show.

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Stream with Aubrey Mable

Stream with Ali + Tina:

Guest Speaker

Aubrey Mable

Aubrey is a Musician, Artist, Entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast and has a passion for the creative arts and inspiring her listeners to pursue their own passions and to live the life they imagined.  Aubrey and her best friend Kathleen Hooper took a leap of faith when they decided to hit the road and tour as LVDY, a soulful folk music duo out of Colorado. She embodies creative living and enjoys finding art in the everyday. Aubrey is a talented singer/songwriter and contributes her talents to her band LVDY and also has solo and instrumental EP's out wherever you enjoy your music. Aubrey graciously agreed to help Ali and Tina with their Soulful Streaming Podcast jingle music that can be enjoyed throughout every episode. We are forever grateful and are in love with what she put together.

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