Building an Unbreakable Body with Author and Movement Expert Kate Galliett

What if we told you, that you could have an unbreakable body?

Episode Summary:

What if we told you, that you could have an unbreakable body? One that moves and flows with ease and is a body that YOU love to live in. That’s what Kate Galliett - founder of Fit for Real Life and author of "Becoming Unbreakable: How to Build a Body You Love to Live In” - is here to teach us.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why should you have an explorer’s mindset when it comes to your own health, mindset and overall wellness.
  • How to build trust with your body (tip -it comes to listening to it!) and how to truly nourish it
  • What is a body care practice (fact: IYKYK, we all need a body care practice - this was a new one for Tina and Ali).
  • Spirituality’s role within body care and wellness
  • Food allergies, gut health, intuitive wisdom + fight or flight
  • How we take care of our body as we age
  • Also, Kate walks us though an exercise she did to help improve her breathing which actually changed the shape of her face (see here for the results!)

Guest Speaker

Kate Galliett

Kate Galliett is the all-around powerhouse behind Fit For Real Life, where she’s been writing about how to get fit for this one real life you’ve got since 2008. Helping people build their body to be strong, capable, and Unbreakable so they can live life as fully, deeply, and energetically as possible is the only thing Kate has ever cared about.

She’s personally experienced what it’s like to live life on the other side of the coin, where aches, pains, and a distrustful relationship with her body held her back from living life fully. And in fact, you wouldn’t have recognized her then as compared to now. But over the span of 20 years, she’s taken what she’s learned on her own journey and taught it to others because the world is a better place if more people feel better.

Kate earned a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from Valparaiso University and went on to study a variety of certifications and trainings, all of which helped her curate the holistic approach she takes to body care today. In addition to her work with clients in-person and on her websites, she’s coached at Nerd Fitness Adult Summer Camp, has been featured in Experience Life Magazine, Livestrong.com, and a variety of other publications. She lives in the great state of Utah where she can put her Unbreakable body to use for adventures in the mountains.

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